I’ve played guitar on a mix of demos and full-lengths, mostly on bands that start with “W” which is…odd.

WMW, “The Brain Tyranny Demos”

Demo, 2019

Witchcryer, “Cry Witch”

Ripple Music, 2018

Witchcryer, “The Preying Kind”

Demo, 2016

Wintering, “Darkness Driving Darkness”

Self-released, 2017

Wintering, “Carrion Call — Winter MMXIII Demo”

Demo, 2013

Wintering, “End of All Tides — Winter MMXII Demo”

Demo, 2012

Earthen Grave, “Earthen Grave”

Self-released, 2012 / Ripple Music reissue, 2013

The Living Fields, “Running Out of Daylight”

Candlelight Records, 2011

Earthen Grave, “Dismal Times”

Demo, 2010

The Living Fields, “The Living Fields”

Self-Released, 2007

The Living Fields, “The Miseries Never Cease”

Demo, 2004