Orange Goblin & The Skull

September 1st, 2019 at Come and Take It Live, Austin TX

Got to see a couple old friends this weekend. Ron Holzner (my ex-Earthen Grave bandmate) and Chad Walls (drummer in The Living Fields) were in Austin to tear it up with The Skull and Orange Goblin, respectively. Orange Goblin’s drummer was denied a visa days before the tour began, so Ron recommended Chad as a fill-in (Chad did the same for Earthen Grave in 2011 and has done a few tours with The Skull as well). Chad got the call while on vacation, 4 days before the tour started. He learned their 20-song headlining set without a drum kit, borrowed some clothes, flew to New York, had a single rehearsal and apparently killed it every night. He was certainly on when I saw them. Guy’s a machine. Both bands killed.

Terrible photos follow…

The Skull. Alex’s back is turned because the Fuck You Pay Me amp was going in and out.
Orange Goblin from the balcony. My buddy Chad is invisible; use your imagination.

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